Get out there and post by email!

You can now post to your blog -- regardless of where you are -- by simply sending an email!

Posting by email is the simplest way to write new posts and share pictures and videos. Simply write an email, attach the files you want to post, and send it off to the special email address we give you on your Post by Email page. The subject of your email will become the subject of your blog, and anything you write in the email will be published as the body of your entry.

Create a Group Blog

The coolest part of this new feature is that you can let your friends publish to your blog, too! Simply add your friends' email addresses to your approved email list, and they will be able to email entries right to your blog! The person who emailed the entry will be listed as the author of the post.

Some Example Uses

1) Create a new blog about your favorite topic and get your friends to help write for it. Turn on Revenue Sharing and split the profits at the end of each month!

2) Email picture or videos directly to your blog during a live event, such as a sports game or concert.

3) Post to your blog while travelling or while on the go

Reap the rewards

Make sure to turn on Revenue Sharing to earn money from the ads on your blog! We offer the simplest revenue-share program in the industry. And remember: we're currently a private community. In order to gain access, you have to know someone who is already a blogger here, or wait until we let in our next batch of users.