Get featured on our Twitter stream!

We've just unrolled another feature that helps promote your blog and gets your voice heard... our best writers are now featured on our new Twitter stream! 

How it works:

* Bloggers who post interesting and engaging entries will be noticed by our editors and promoted as a "Featured Blogger".

* The next time a Featured Blogger posts, a link to their blog will be posted on the Twitter stream of their respective blog community. For example, SportsBlog articles are shown on the #GoSportsBlog Twitter stream.

* All Featured bloggers across the network are aggregated in one place at the #GoBlogNetwork Twitter stream, which can be viewed here.

It's easy to become a Featured Blogger! Just keep posting quality entries and you'll get noticed! In the future, you'll get a special badge to let you know that you've made the cut.

Stay tuned for more features that help you get noticed!

Happy Blogging!